Keylogger to guarantee safety and productivity of your business

The importance of mobile spy

Our modern lives are impossible without smartphones, and users spend hours browsing the net. On weekends, evenings or and lunch breaks it is acceptable but not during working hours.  Moreover, using these gadgets tons of information can be transferred in minutes. Therefore, employers preoccupied with safety measures as industrial espionage is possible everywhere. Mobile spy on text software is a great asset in verifying employees’ loyalty and making sure no one is selling secrets. In case office staff is using company’s phones, the business owner has the right to monitor whether it is used for business purposes. A lot of employees today prefer settling personal issues for the company’s cost: making personal long-distance calls from corporate phones, using computers to browse entertaining websites. Now employers can save own money by billing staff for personal expenses.

With each year phone spy software is getting more popular as they provide thorough information, easy to install and use and its’ runs in a stealth mode on the background, so no one will detect unless looking for purposely. To use it, you don’t have to be a proficient PC user to succeed in using it. What is so useful about this software? Phone tracker provides overall information regarding target device, including all texts, chat messages, GPS location, calls, web browsing history and much more and shows how staff conducts themselves with clients and business partners. Mobile Spy also allows finding the phone in case it is lost or stolen.

Phone spy benefits in modern world

Mobile Spy allows performing round the clock surveillance remotely, and your employees won’t even know they are spied on. This software is useful when there is a need to monitor activities of your employees during working hours especially if they are using companies’ phones and computers. If an employer suspects office staff spends time in a vain while in office and visiting dating sites, social media, gambling online or playing video games. Phone tracker can also be used to indicate where workers spend time while on business hours.

The main objective of the surveillance software to control and improve productivity and efficiency of the office staff, therefore it allows following access to the stored information:

-Monitor target phone’ exact location;

-Monitoring and listening to all calls, employees will be able making sure their staff is polite with customers, aren’t selling commercial secrets; 

-Read every message: inbox, sent texts and MMS messages;

-Review messages, shared files from chats and messengers like Skype, Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, WhatsApp;

-Track phone’s camera along with access to stored on the phone pictures and videos;

-Detect SIM card change;

-Monitoring of installed and running apps;

-Access calendar events, notifications, contact list;

-Monitoring browsing history, keeping track of all visited websites, blocking unappropriated ones, and much more.

Today’s economic situation is rather competitive. Therefore, employers making everything possible to encourage staff with attractive benefits bur, as well, want to monitor their working activity. Phone spy is also a great tool for tracking any data leakages and preventing business secrets to be disclosed.

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